best friend gift ideas

Top 16 best friend gift ideas


If you need inspiration to give a gift to your best friend, whatever their age, it’s here. You will find something for all tastes and all occasions. Because there is always an opportunity to give a gift or to surprise the person who really matters to you outside of your family.

1. The bottle holder puzzle

Give a nice and fun gift that poses a little challenge. The bottle holder puzzle will require a little thinking before you manage to free the bottle. The assembly instructions are included but not the bottle of grand cru that you will choose separately according to your tastes.

2. The personalized beer mug

The personalized beer mug is a gift idea for a best friend who is a beer lover . A birthday, a housewarming party, a farewell drink: all occasions are good to offer this customizable beer mug with the photo of the lucky recipient.

3. “I offer you friendship and kindness” for best friend

Here is a very cute gift, for a child or a particularly sensitive person because friendship is above all kindness. I offer you friendship and kindness for best friend is a little box full of sweet touches. There are 52, for each week of the year, in the form of cards containing a photo and a quote or a proverb to discover.

4. The Best Friend Bungee Jumping Gift Set

Challenge your friend to jump into the void from a bridge or viaduct, but safely. The bungee jumping gift box for best friend allows you to choose between 11 different panoramas spread throughout France: Vendée, Indre, Poitou-Charentes, etc. You can have the box personalized with a small supplement when ordering.

5. The arranged rum discovery box

The arranged rum discovery box is a gift for a friend who is a rum lover to enjoy with friends. Thanks to this box comprising 4 preparations, your friend will be able to make arranged rums very easily.

6. The Better Than Flowers Balloon Box

The Better Than Flowers Balloon Box is a super original gift for his best friend. When the package is opened, a heart-shaped helium balloon will fly away. The recipient will find your message and small gifts specially selected by you.

7. The game How much do you put on your best friend

To self-assess your knowledge, rated from 1 to 10, on original, classic, interesting or totally wacky subjects, here is a successful entertainment. The game How much do you put yourself for a best friend is a game board for 2 to 16 players as well as 4,000 questions covering all areas. You can play it from the age of 13 or 14, knowing that it appeals to a general culture, however quite extensive.

8. An authentic and responsible stay for best friend

Offer him a stay like no other, whether to match his convictions or help him discover what authentic and responsible mean. He will have the choice among the proposed offers. An authentic and responsible stay for best friend is indeed a very nice gift to choose between the different participating partners.

9. The workshop at a Wecandoo craftsman

The workshop at a Wecandoo craftsman is a gift that marks for a best friend. Find an ideal experience or let the recipient choose from hundreds of workshops. He will have 2 years to reserve his experience and the possibility of exchanging it if he does not like it.

10. The Snippers Box to make your own whiskey

The Snippers Box to make your own whiskey is an original gift for a friend who is a spirits lover. With this set consisting of a glass bottle and wood chips to make his own whisky, gin and rum, he can distil his own artisanal alcohol.

11. The adorable best friend waterproof wireless speaker

It’s always a gift that pleases because (almost) everyone likes to listen to their favorite music in the shower. The adorable best friend waterproof wireless speaker is a useful and cute gift, a little Bluetooth token of attention with 6 hours of battery life. It is called Lyly and its power is 3W.

12. The freedom gift voucher

The freedom gift voucher will please your best friend. He will have the freedom to choose the activity of his dreams! All you have to do is define an amount between €30 and €500 to be credited to the gift voucher, and let the lucky recipient enjoy it as they wish.

13. Customizable whiskey glass

The customizable whiskey glass is a gift for a best friend who is a whiskey lover . It is a solid and finely engraved whiskey glass by artisans in France.

14. Best Friend Soundbox

You can offer an original 100% fun gift to take everywhere to get noticed and make you smile. The best friend sound box is a fun gift that contains around fifteen pre-recorded sounds: wrong answer, gunshot, laughter and many others emitted, for example, from different orifices of the human body, such as whistling ( with the mouth).

15. Le Petit Ballon tasting box

The Le Petit Ballon tasting box is a gift for a best friend. He will be able to discover good wines and other products. With this gift, you offer the best wines unearthed by Jean-Michel Deluc, the former Head Sommelier of the Ritz.

16. The Premium Best Friend 2-Seater Box Set

Maybe he will invite you, maybe not. Give it a try and offer him the possibility of choosing his or her partner for a memorable evening. The 2-seat premium box for best friends is valid for 3 years and 3 months to wait for the right opportunity or the eradication of a virus that loves to ruin life.


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