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A gift for your best friend: 5 success criteria and 8 gift ideas


A gift with a bit of him/her: a tailor-made gift, taking into account his/her tastes and areas of interest, for a gift that he/she will use (or contemplate) on a daily basis A gift with a bit of you: a very personal gift, to which you bring your little touch or creativity, to show him how much he or she means to you. A gift with a bit of both of you: a gift that would recall the good times spent together, the highlights that brought you closer, everything you share on a daily basis. A gift that will create real emotion: you would like to see your friend smile, laugh, go into raptures, jump for joy (or around your neck), be moved, if not shed a little tear.

Great gift ideas for your girl best friend!

1. The phone case

Is your best friend constantly fiddling with her phone? In that case, why wouldn’t you put a cute picture there: on his phone case ! A selfie of the two of you, a memory of your last vacation together… in a way, you would be with her all the time. We offer personalized cases for iPhone models (4/4S to 7 included), Samsung Galaxy (from 2 to 7!) and even iPads. Note that she has a reinforced shell, you avoid the risks associated with shocks and falls (well yes, now that she has a photo of you on her phone, she will take it out even more often!).

2. The Magic Mug

Does your best friend drink tea, coffee or other hot drinks all day long? Here is a gift that is sure to hit the mark: the Personalized Mug . If you’ve read the section on phone cases, you’ve probably already thought of a photo that could remind him of great memories with you. This photo will also be perfect on his new Mug! As a bonus: we are now making color-changing mugs , whose exterior decoration is only revealed once a hot liquid has been poured into it. Even funnier!

3. The Personalized Cushion

Another support on which we can print a photo that will bring back good memories to your best friend: the Personalized Cushion . note that we have many customization themes, with different backgrounds and colors, and even text boxes if you want to write a little message. Enough to spend whole days cocooning, drinking tea and telling each other the latest gossip.

4. The tailor-made diary

Does your best friend love to organize her days, write down upcoming events, birthday dates? Or, on the contrary, she is not at all organized (sometimes she even forgets the date of your birthday, or that of her parents) and you would like to give her a little help? Here is a perfect gift: the tailor-made diary . Of course, you insert 12 pretty photos, one photo per month, but you also have the option of pre-inserting important dates. It’s time: remind him that your birthday is October 20!

The  Photobox photo album… this is by far our most personal gift. A gift for your best friend, who should then feel very privileged. The principle ? To start, you gather the most beautiful moments of the current year or past years: photos of the two of you, of your travels, of your common interests, of everything that comes close to you or of what you have shared… and you make a book out of it. Fully customizable, you also choose your colors and your backgrounds, your emoticons and your texts to insert. The kind of gift for your best friend that he won’t forget. For the budget version, choose the Soft Book .

6.  Photo Poster

Your best friend has literally covered the walls of his room with photo posters (beautiful ones… and also less beautiful ones, in your opinion)? Or, on the contrary, do you find that its walls are particularly bare and sad, and would like to breathe a little color and life into them? We have the perfect gift for your best friend, and the perfect gift for little purses: the Wall Poster . Are you afraid of not knowing which photo to choose to illustrate your relationship? That’s good, we also offer jumbled compositions, with several photos. Your Poster will also tell the story of your very long friendship.

7.  Photo Canvas

Are you looking for a more visual impact than the Photo Poster? In this case, the photo on canvas turns out to be a great gift for your best friend. All you have to do is select your visual(s). The rest, we take care of it! Your Photo is cut to the size of the Canvas you have selected. We have many sizes and formats of Canvas, to adapt to any type of wall and… to your wallet. Don’t forget to select the depth of your Canvas: 1.8 cm for the classic Canvas, and 3.9 cm for the luxury Canvas, which inevitably has more impact within an interior. Finally, your Canvas is mounted on a real frame, in natural wood, exactly like a painting.

8.  The Mouse Pad

A gift for your best friend, who also satisfies his gamer hobbit? Here’s a great idea! In this case, choose the Mouse Pad, a tailor-made gift to personalize with the photo of your choice: your last weekend together in the souks of Marrakech, his little Labrador puppy, when you took him to stretch his legs on board sea…every time it clicks, your best friend will reminisce about your long friendship.


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