Mattifying Powders

Top 10 Best Mattifying Powders


Mattifying  powders are a must in our make-up bag, and for good reason… They can make your skin look magnificently beautiful, just as they can spoil a previously worked complexion. Indeed, the choice of a loose or compact powder is extremely important.

It’s about finding the most natural powder possible that will mattify your complexion WITH a contour palette. In addition to this mask phenomenon, the outfit is an element to take into account, it will keep your complexion mattified all day, or in the worst case, with a small touch-up during the day. In addition, you will have to choose a transparent or slightly tinted powder, while paying attention to the final result. It would not be a question of ending up with a dull, gray or even tinted complexion compared to your neck. Before choosing among these 10 best mattifying powders, here are some tips so as not to be mistaken. Finally, you will notice the difference in quantity and therefore in grams between the powders.

Loose powders, more economical, will go up to 35 grams and will allow months of use… A significant saving for your make-up budget. On the other hand, compact powders, can go up to 8 grams knowing that they are less volatile, they will last you 1 to 2 months of daily use.

Best Mattifying Powders: The Different Types

Free: Ideal for applying make-up at home. Loose powder is often economical and allows you to obtain a natural result, while lightness.

Compact: Perfect for touch-ups during the day, or while travelling. This mattifying powder allows you to carry your best complexion ally in your handbag.

Tinted: It gives a little boost to a previously prepared complexion (foundation, concealer, cream bronzer, etc.). As I explained above, beware of shades that are too tinted!

Transparent: Appeared after the tinted powders, it made it possible to obtain an imperceptible mattifying powder, without modification of complexion.

So, loose powder or compact powder?

My solution? Use a loose powder at home, for its economic side, and at the same time, invest in a compact powder to slip into your bag for possible touch-ups. Of course, if you are often on the move, prefer compact powder… The important thing is therefore your usefulness.

How to use mattifying powder?

Even the best mattifying powders should be used in a certain order. Indeed, applying it at the wrong time could give you a catastrophic result. Here’s how you should use it:

In addition to the application, you will need to opt for a very good brush. I recommend two types of brushes:

Finally, at the end of this article Top 10 of the best mattifying powders, you will find my selection of brushes to best accompany your purchase.

Blogger Huda & her make-up brand have been a hit for several years. Its palettes, complexion products and even lipstick are of undisputed quality. Here, Huda offers us a powder available in different shades as well as a translucent powder. What to be able to make your choice according to your preferences. The packaging is rather basic, it must be admitted, however, the presence of a net of powder makes it possible to avoid any loss of product. Finally, the blogger indicates that the powder must be left on for 3 to 5 minutes to “cook” it. I’m not necessarily a fan of this technique, however, many Beauty Addicts practice it. Up to you ! So I use it without the break time and the result is perfect!

Hyaluronic Hydra-powder By Terry

A true star of mattifying powders around the world, hydre powder is the first translucent powder I was able to test. It was obvious that it appeared in my top 10 of the best mattifying powders. If the texture seemed surprising to me at first, very soft, which glides, I quickly understood that it was going to become an essential. I, who have a very fair complexion, discovered a powder that respects my complexion: more demarcation, a rosy or darker complexion compared to my neck. Imperceptible, the rendering is ultra natural! The hold also surprised me since my complexion lasted all day. Finally, By Terry incorporates hyluronic acid into the formula, enough to moisturize your skin on a daily basis in addition to your day cream.

Make up for ever Ultra HD Powder

Another safe bet, the transparent loose powder version by Mufe. Known & recognized for its professional, invisible and lasting results. Cousin of the previous powder, it has a powder net in order to avoid the loss of powder which can prove to be very volatile. A real fan of this face powder, it is the only one to feature twice in this Top 10 of the best mattifying powders for its loose but also compact version. Although its quantity is less important compared to other transparent powders, I really like using it for its natural side.

Clinique Blended Face Powder And Brush

Best face powders? I present to you the most economical & qualitative powder on the market! Indeed, this Clinique powder comes in a 35 gram format, an amount of loose powder that will last you up to twice as long as a conventional powder. Moreover, thanks to this aspect, I used this powder for several years… I systematically bought it again. From memory, it should have lasted me 6 months with an application 5-6 days/week. Finally, the rendering is interesting for a tinted powder, in fact, there is no visible demarcation, provided you choose the right shade. I would say that it is perhaps more suitable for light complexions. The “invisible blend” shade remains slightly tinted, and therefore not translucent


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