cashmere sweater?

How to wear a cashmere sweater?


Since 1989, we have been working with cashmere for men  and women . Large v-neck, turtleneck, round neck, hoodies are available in a wide range of colors that changes with the seasons. So many styles that adapt to all your desires. LDB Paris cashmere is carefully selected to guarantee unbeatable value for money.

But then, where does cashmere come from? Why is this material so popular? We have raised for you, the most frequently asked questions so that you can know how to wear a cashmere sweater.

Known to all, cashmere is a fabric made from an undercoat of silky hair from goats found mainly in Mongolia and in the heights of Ladakh and Tibet. This undercoat of hair of these goats is developed in winter and it is at the time of their moulting, in the spring, that the cashmere period begins. Its name comes from the region where its weaving developed, the mountainous Kashmir region located in India.

Why choose cashmere?

The advantages of cashmere are numerous: softness, warmth, comfort, a  thermoregulatory property and of course resistance to time.  The material is also worked with a specific number of threads that will make up your sweater. Indeed, there are cashmeres with 2 threads, 4 threads, 8 threads, 12 threads and even 14 threads! These different types of yarn do not define the quality of the cashmeres but their thickness and their weight. LDB Paris cashmeres are 2-ply cashmere and represent the most standard thickness to be worn all year round. You can then take advantage of your garment in winter to resist the cold but also in summer to bring a casual chic touch to your style without getting too hot.

Unlike wool, cashmere does not contain lanolin which allows it to be hypoallergenic and not scratchy. It keeps for a long time because of its great resistance, especially if you take care to wash it and maintain it with suitable detergents. Know that it is a material that needs water to preserve itself and avoid the appearance of pilling. A word of advice, pilling can be removed with an anti-pilling razor or with a cashmere comb. To find out how to care for your LDB Paris cashmere, we recommend our video.

How to combine the cashmere sweater?

How to combine a cashmere sweater in winter or on slightly warmer days? Our team advises you first of all to favor outfits with pieces in strong colors combined with pieces in neutral shades in order to soften your silhouette.

Our FFRESH sweaters for women  in 100% cashmere, can be worn during the day, tucked into black VELVET pants accompanied by a thin belt and heeled ankle boots. If a night out awaits you at the end of the day, you can add a black blazer to this daytime outfit.

For warm autumn and spring days, you can combine our fuchsia v-neck 100% cashmere FFRESH jumper with our  white linen SAHARA trousers . The lightness of linen associated with the heating particularity of cashmere will be adapted to the temperatures of these times of the year.

For men and for a casual look, our 100% cashmere hoodie can be paired with our DANDY jeans and white sneakers. For more elegance, this is an opportunity to wear our round neck sweater in 100% cashmere with straight cut pants such as our VELVET pants with moccasins or platform derbies.

ldbparis cashmere manIf you want to wear your cashmere sweater without putting it on, you can finish an outfit by simply placing your cashmere sweater on your shoulders or by tying it around your neck. This alternative can be adapted to the mid-season, when the days are temperate and the evenings cool.


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