sweater, a timeless fashion

The cashmere sweater, a timeless fashion


Classified in the category of luxurious pieces, the cashmere sweater is a trendy classic. Very soft, insulating and isothermal, cashmere wool is a very popular material in the world of luxury fashion. It is used to create clothes that are pleasant to wear and have an incomparable lifestyle .

Worn in all seasons, regardless of gender, the cashmere sweater is the piece to have in your wardrobe. This item of clothing goes with any look, both feminine and masculine, and even for children.

Why is the cashmere sweater so popular?

It’s almost impossible to resist buying a cashmere sweater as soon as you see one. This high-end and timeless garment remains an essential part of any look. Available in different models and colors, this sweater is a luxury item that suits all styles. With short or long sleeves, with a V-neck, round or crew neck, there is something for everyone. Classic, modern, sportswear, casual, chic or vintage, the cashmere sweater is versatile.

This fashion piece remains popular because it is soft and comfortable. It is hygrometric and remains a good thermal regulator. In other words, you can wear it in summer or winter, whether it’s windy, snowing or raining. The woolen sweater in this delicate material is also light, which makes it an essential everyday clothing accessory. Unlike the coat, for example, you can take it to go out in anticipation of a little cold snap.

It is also a luxury garment that adapts to all clothing styles. It is easily carried. You can leave it visible, or hide it under a jacket. The cashmere sweater is elegant, both for men, women and children. Zipped, ultrathin, with a stand-up collar or in a hoodies and hoody style, this must-have enhances any look! To stand out, add a little touch of nobility and elegance to your look, opt for a cashmere sweater.

How to wear a cashmere sweater?

For women: for a chic outfit, opt for a fitted cashmere sweater, a shirt and an A-line skirt white shirts for men. For a casual outfit, choose a sweater, a t-shirt and jeans instead. And for an ultra elegant look, add a jacket and black pants to this cozy top.

For men: for a trendy and elegant look, wear the cashmere sweater with suit pants. For a more casual look, opt for jeans or chinos instead. For a modern look, combine your sweater with a white t-shirt, jeans and a cardigan in a similar material or in precious wool.

The cashmere sweater is also popular, because its finishes are studied and respectful of several standards. Indeed, to make this type of luxury garment, it is essential to have a high quality goat fleece. The fineness, density and length of the fibers are controlled to obtain a soft and light fabric. These are essential conditions to determine the real value of the cashmere sweater. Authentic cashmere fabric requires specific goat breeding.

√Čric Bompard is famous for transforming goat’s wool into chic and luxurious clothing. His notoriety in the world of fashion is undeniable. The quality of its collections of cashmere sweaters is entirely based on that of the material worked. Indeed, the clothing fabrics come from the breeding of goats in Inner Mongolia, in their natural environment.

The timeless cashmere sweater in fashion

In order to guarantee the quality of these fabrics, the Bompard brand attaches great importance to the care given to these animals. The way of collecting and processing wool follows an elaborate process. Goat hair is combed and brushed respectfully. This makes it possible to obtain better natural fibers for weaving and embroidering cashmere sweaters.

The cashmere sweater is thus a trendy fashion accessory in all circumstances. It will help enhance your look, especially if you buy an authentic cashmere fiber sweater. In addition to the style, you will then benefit from an ultra chic and comfortable garment to wear.


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