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Cashmere: a precious material for all seasons


Whatever outfit we wear, it is important to feel comfortable in our clothes. But that doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your style… a piece of clothing also has the right to exist. So how do you combine comfort and style on a daily basis? By choosing to wear cashmere wool . From classic style to modern pieces, this material is a fashion trend for all seasons.

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What is cashmere?

Cashmere , also known as “golden fleece” , is a noble material that is both rare and expensive, resulting from a special breed of goat with long hair, the cashmere goat, which will produce the precious cashmere material . Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties , cashmere promises warmth and comfort to protect against significant temperature variations. Cashmere wool is worn next to the skin and, thanks to its insulating properties , its flexibility and its lightness , you will escape perspiration.

How is it made?

This 100% natural wool fiber requires a unique and more sophisticated manufacturing process than for classic wool, hence its soft and silky texture .

After harvesting and cleaning the goat hair , it must be sorted using a comb to collect the finest fibers. Only the coat of the belly is used because the hairs there are softer, more delicate and allow the making of supple and luxurious fabrics . It is then necessary to link these hairs to each other so that they become threads: this is called spinning . It is at this point that the thickness of the fabric will be decided since cashmere woolcan be made up of a number of threads ranging from 2 to 24. This choice is very important because it will influence the characteristics of the material, and therefore of the future garment. The longer and finer the thread, the better the quality of the material . The fibers that are too short are then sorted and eliminated so that only the longest and regular ones are selected.

Finally, the cashmere will be bleached and then delicately dyed to obtain a panel of dazzling colors . Once all these long fibers are perfectly aligned and the desired color intensity is achieved, the fibers are gently twisted to form a slight “S”. This slight twist in the shape of an “S” and the meticulous washing to which the fabric is subjected give this quality : softness , finesse and a high-end finish .

Towards more ethical consumption?

Note that 75 to 80% of the world’s cashmere production comes from Asia, particularly China and Mongolia. The cashmere from these two countries is of better quality because their goat breeding takes place in an ideal climatic environment, corresponding to the original conditions of the country. Indeed, in other countries, the production of cashmere generates intensive breeding with serious consequences both for the goats and for the environment since it is the main cause of desertification in Mongolia. Ethical fashion therefore recommends favoring organic cashmere , guaranteed by quality labels for a more sustainable mode of consumption .

How do you know if it’s good cashmere?

A quality cashmere garment should be regular , soft and flat . It is important to try it on before you buy it to see if it fits well. But you must keep in mind that the price very often justifies the quality of this material. For example, if a sweater is made of good quality cashmere , its price will very rarely be below 100€ .

How to wear cashmere clothes?

The advantage of cashmere is that it comes in many ways and in a wide variety of colors : from sweaters to dresses , including accessories such as scarves or gloves , it will become the essential of your male and/or female wardrobe. Thanks to its natural beauty , it is possible to create various elegant shapes with refined details . Everyone can find their ideal!

Cashmere tops are usually worn over jeans , pants , skirts or leggings . Depending on the outfit, your style will be more elegant or casual , but of course always at the forefront of fashion .

The cashmere sweater: a basic

The cashmere sweater has proven itself, it has been a safe bet for decades. It therefore remains the most widely used and safest cashmere garment when it comes to this material. Soft to the touch, light and comfortable to wear , you can wear it very well with dress pants, dress shoes, a silk scarf and a trench coat for a classic look . But it can just as well be worn in a more original way, with some colorful but discreet prints, canvas pants, leather ankle boots and a leather jacket to adopt a more casual look while remaining chic .


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