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How Men Should Dress For The Summer Heat wave


As you may be aware, Europe is going through a heatwave and most of the US is also going through the same. Due to the heatwave, people are finding it unbearable and struggling to find the right clothes to wear. 

Summer fashion is very different to winter garments. That includes various materials, opposite colours and styles. Summer fashion is a completely different wardrobe compared to winter clothes. Nevertheless, those garments are highly fashionable and a must-have in your wardrobe. 

If you are unsure how to dress in these scorching hot temperatures then don’t worry. We have gathered three of the best tips to deal with the exceedingly warm weather and keep you cool. So, time to put away your best tracksuit from the tracksuit sale and start to wear cooler clothes. 

Start With The Fabric

Summer is no longer the time of year when you wear denim clothes. It is restricting and barely breathable. Therefore, it is more appropriate for the summer months. Put your denim clothes at the bottom of your wardrobe because you can guarantee you won’t be wearing them for a couple of months. 

Heavyweight cotton, polyester and nylon are commonly worn during autumn, summer and spring. These are not the appropriate materials for summer, especially during a heatwave. Additionally, fast-fashion brands will often use these materials because they are cheaper. If you want to keep your body cool during summer, we advise you to wear something different. 

100% cotton is a great material to start with. However, if you want a variety of materials, we also advise linen as this is another great material for summer weather. Additionally, they are great because they soak up moisture well and won’t show sweat. 

A More Relaxed Fit

There are many men out there who wear muscle-fit clothing all year round. The issue with this is that it isn’t a great style to wear during summer, especially during a heatwave. Your summer wardrobe should consist of relaxed or oversized T-shirts as they are far more breathable. 

Change Your Colour ways

The next step in choosing the perfect summer wardrobe is wearing appropriate colours. One thing that is a guarantee is that you no longer need to wear black. Black absorbs the heat and therefore heats your body quicker. If you wear lighter colours such as white or pastels, you will be much cooler throughout the day. Baby blue, pale pink, light yellow and any others that could reflect the heat away.


If you don’t wear appropriate garments during summer, you will not enjoy the warmer weather. Not to mention that it is a health risk as well if you get too warm. Linen shirts, organic cotton, and other lightweight materials all need to be added to your wardrobe. For your footwear, wear tennis trainers with a men’s twin set or, choose to wear low-top Nike Blazers or dunks.


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